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In today’s ever-changing business environment, human resource management has become a colossal task.  Studies have consistently shown that businesses drain considerable resources annually managing and caring for their employees, on legal and regulatory compliance, and other administrative obligations.  Despite all this, too often costly, preventable mistakes are made.

Strong, efficient, streamlined human resource practices can add to the bottom line and ultimate success of an organization. This is true even for small (20-100) and medium-sized (101-500) businesses.  At TevisHR, we have a proven track record of navigating companies through the maze of complex regulations, requirements and risks.  Our services will help to decrease labor expenses and increase company growth, productivity and profitability.



Partnering with TevisHR is simple.  Understanding that no two clients have the same need, we take the time to learn about your business, your long-term goals and employee expectations.  This practice allows us to both identify the people elements that stand in the way of your achieving market success and design and implement tailored, creative solutions that align with your objectives and inspire every employee to contribute to your bottom line. 


Step 1: Identify and target areas where changes in employee behavior can make the most impact on your bottom line.  We work with you to assess risks, policies, procedures, practices, skills, competencies and competitive factors and provide you a menu of solutions designed to help reach your potential at the pace that is best for you. 

Step 2: Provide customized solutions focused on achieving your labor compliance, risk management, workforce development, or market share goals.  TevisHR prides itself in delivering flexible alternatives where and when you need them.  We specialize in:


  • Labor compliance

  • Employee recruitment, retention and rewards

  • Compensation and pay for performance

  • Employee records compliance, retention and storage

  • Workforce planning and development

  • Building employee and cultural competency as a market advantage

  • Employee investigations, interventions and coaching

  • Meeting, conference, trade show planning, facilitation and management


Step 3:  Maintaining momentum.  As your trusted advisors, TevisHR makes certain you always have a pulse on your employees and emerging issues.  We communicate measured results and inform you of opportunities.    



Research demonstrates that legal and regulatory compliance is one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders of small to medium-sized business owners.  Failure to be aware of changes and regulations on a host of issues ranging from 1099’s, medical/personal leaves, breaks and meals to drug testing, hiring and terminations among others, could result in catastrophic consequences for you and your business.  

It is critically important that companies do all they can to shield themselves from risks and exposures. TevisHR can help.  Our job is to make certain that the policies, procedures and practices minimize your risks while leveraging your assets, employee assets!  We work with you and your employees so that everyone understands potential areas of exposure and provide training and systems that support workforce compliance.  Should issues arise, TevisHR is there when and where you need us, providing you proactive responses focused on expedient resolution.

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