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Please  note the following clients that recommend hiring TEVIS HR for your next Human Resource project:


Bruce James- Director of Engineering at Embarcadero Capital Partners
 "Michelle has been a GREAT resource for Embarcadero Capital Partners. Michelle really understands the industry and the laws and really helps guide us through what could be challenging and difficult situations with ease and professionalism. I would recommend Michelle without reservation to others who may not have in-house HR resources or for companies who need some additional support”​​
Rob Penrod -VP - Engineering at Villara Corp

“Michelle is a very effective HR professional who understands the needs of our company and the laws that we must comply with”

Kathy Hicks-  Strategic Materials Manager / Program Manager @ Northrop Grumman

“Michelle was an incredible HR director. She was genuinely interested in the recruits and made sure to hire the most qualified candidates. After hiring, she was equally interested in the staff and always offered advice and direction when sought. She led teams that promoted employee engagement to enhance the working environment of all levels of the workforce. She was always positive and professional and extremely dedicated to helping all succeed. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and learned a great deal from her management skills and concern for all”

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